If you already have a domain and would like to use that domain for your new pListing website, one of the ways to do that is by changing domain IP address. And that is a simple task that you can do it yourself. The exact steps may be a little different depending on the companies that you've registered your domain name.

This article will show an example of how to changing domain IP address to your pListings website if your domain registrar is GoDaddy.


Step 1: Login to your GoDaddy account

Step 2: Go to "My product" page

Step 3: Click to button named “DNS” of your domain from “Domains” section

Step 4: In “DNS management” page, navigate to "Records" section at the top of page then change the values of Record type "A" to our ip address as below:

Type        Name          Value                          TTL 
  A                *           1/2 Hour
  A                @          600 seconds

Then click to “Save” button. It will take about some minutes to get the update effect.